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7 Tips to managing Stage Fright

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What is The Starving Artist Solution?

  • Mentorship from a NYC performer so that you can skip the struggle, skip ahead in line, and start creating your dream life!

  • Beautiful video downloads so you can complete the course on your own schedule.

  • Downloadable workbooks to track your progress and work and refer back to at any time!

  • Downloadable resume templates so that you have a perfect, industry-standard resume for both your performing and "day job"!

  • Pre-Audition ritual so you can conquer performance anxiety once and for all.

  • Videos and downloads on managing your finances so that you can finally make some damn money already.

  • Spiritual Starter Kit includes the exact combo of books, meditations, and tools that changed my life and career so that you don't have to learn the hard way like I did!

  • Toolbox of recommended reading and podcasts so that you always have the tools you need to stay on track.

  • Learn to create your own website so that you stand out and are visible to the industry.



I spent 15 years pounding the pavement as an actor and singer in New York City. I had done all the things I was "supposed" to do: gone to music school, studied singing with the best teachers, took audition classes, gone to hundreds of open call auditions. But I was miserable. I was broke. I was in pain. I was underemployed. I felt like there wasn't enough work for actors and worse than that, deep down I actually felt like I wasn't good enough to book the work... that I was wasting my time and talents....and I was going to get old before I ever got my chance. Whoa. It's difficult to even say that!

One day, by divine fate, I bought a book in an airport and the exact same time, a friend forwarded me a free meditation. I was so hopeless, I tried both. I was completely skeptical. But something very small opened up in me. I started to realize that i was responsible for my fate. That I had power to change my life and my career. 

This propelled me into the last few years of life-changing learning. 

Now I earn six figures, I live on Central Park. My teaching business quadrupled. I started a new career in television (something I never even dreamed about). I have traveled to over 80 countries performing my solo show. More than that, I believe in myself. I believe I can have the life of my dreams. 

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